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Switch on to new ways of bringing your lights into the 21st century

Basic control of lights hasn't changed in years, even though there have been product and design advances in fittings and accessories.

Moving the light switches in your house requires so much effort you would generally work round their existing position, but ABI WireAway kits allow more flexibility. Extra wires are a thing of the past - WireAway kits use modern technology to control lights but to you the light switches appear to be the same.

An extra light switch in a hallway would normally mean routing wires, chiselling walls and then re-decorating. The WireAway Additional Light Switch Kit allows you to add extra switches without inconvenience and at far less cost. Just carry out the following simple steps - depending upon the contents of the kit you buy.

  • Replace your existing light switch with the WireAway mains switch.
  • Place the WireAway additional battery operated light switch wherever you want it allowing you to find the best position for operation.
Using a WireAway kit is more convenient. There are accessories for external switches and a range of quality facias so the WireAway range will fit in with your decorative needs.

WireAway kits give the advantage of the latest technology - simply with the flick of a switch

  • Slow start and slow off - extends bulb life be reducing stress on the filament - and your eyes
  • Courtesy delay - holds the light on after switch-off to allow safe exit
  • Auto off and auto on - energy saving features used for stairwells, infrequently used walkways and in security applications
  • Selectable light levels - choose from pre-set levels to get the best light condition and save energy at the same time
  • Comfort light setting - set a low light level for comfort and safety. i.e. children's nightlight
  • Remote sensors - a veriety of adaptable sensor switches
  • Setup console - customise your system, setup security lighting.

The WireAway range of lighting controls gives countless opportunities to adjust your home lighting to suit your needs.

Where to switch to WireAway

  • Exteria lights, garages and sheds
  • Porches and conservatories
  • Hallways and landings
  • Living and sleeping areas
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Commercial premises

You could use WireAway all around your home.
All the products share the same ease of use and simple installation.

You can apply the range to allow: